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Added new photo: Museum Pirogovo   (about 2000 images)    December 8, 2007.
Added new section: Magnolia   (342 photos)    December 29, 2006.
Podol, Kiev

the Botanical Gardens

Nature, landscapes
Askold's Grave
Botanical Garden
Saint Vladimir Hill

Yachts, sailboats   
Yachts, sailboats

Holosiivsky Forest
River Dnepr
Nature, Kiev

Monuments of Kiev  
Sights and monuments in Kiev

Sand sculpture

 Great Domestic war
Museum of World War II

1 May Day Park    
Pervomaysky park
In the animal world     
In the animal world

Botanical Garden ...


Cathedrals, churches  
Cathedrals, churches,
and monasteries

Anecdotes about students

- Applicants
- Lectures
- On change
- Teachers
- Session
- Dormitory
- Dinning-room
- Parents
- Outside of institute
- Graduates
- Other
Approaches the student to timetable and thinks:
1 course: "How much subjects! Much shall know!"
2 courses: "How much subjects! Shall, probably, tire!"
3 courses: "How much subjects! What walk?"
4 courses: "How much subjects! On what go?"
5 courses: Sees that timetables no, and asks: "But that, session already was?"

Anecdotes about computers   

We happen to to take the money that we and so with pleasure do...
We happen to to do this even when much disgusting...
Nearly all try not to pay...
All us scold...
Us despise both tops, and bottoms...
And why I became the programmer...
- Programmers
- Hackers
- Administrators
- Users
- Internet
- Iron
- Microsoft
- Lіnux
- Bill Gates
- Peter Norton
- Computer and children
- Other